4 Copas Extra Añejo

Rich, pure and authentic, the ultimate taste experience.  4 Copas Extra Añejo is aged 50 months in American White Oak barrels carefully charred and refined in taste.

The Extra Añejo is another special creation of Master Distiller Sebastian Melendrez and his all-star team over the last several seven years.

In the mouth, it is silky and has a sweet texture, emitting vanilla, caramel, nuts and spice flavors. The nose is harmonious and elegant with vanilla aromas, caramel, walnut, toffee, dried peaches and orange peel tastes; special and purely organic.

It is best to approach this special Tequila as a scotch or cognac drinker would, raising your level of expectation to meet the agave flavored purity. Expect to be in love with the experience upon the very first sip.

Enjoy this expression neat in a glass and allow to breath before tasting. Know that this pure organic Tequila experience in the 4 Copas Extra Añejo will be an unparalleled experience.

Tasting Notes
Extra Añejo