Organic Process

The distillation and crafting process for 4 Copas, unlike many of its mass market competitors, ensures the foundation of a pure and clean product true to the traditions of small batch Tequila.

Created by renowned Master Distiller Sebastian Melendrez of Tequila, Jalisco, each 4 Copas expression is pure and smooth.  The Blanco, Reposado and Añejo have the organic processes in common, but each has its own acclaimed distinctive character. 

Our Master Distiller describes the product and process that makes 4 Copas a unique and special Tequila achievement in his own words:

Why Organic?

“The taste is softer because it is of agave produced without any pesticides or chemicals during its growth. The taste is intense because of the region, making this more perceptible to the consumer.”

How does organic production differ from traditional tequila manufacturing processes?

“The agave material is produced organically and with frequent inspections during the natural production. There are no accelerators or chemical nutrients used during the elaboration process, and with attention given to the fabrication at every production step. The organic certification process is complex and time-consuming because the process is different from common Tequila. The fermentation is natural, with its own unique proprietary recipe and it makes these Tequilas have special aromas and taste profiles that are hard to forget.”


Where is the agave sourced? How is it grown and handled at harvest?
How is that different from traditionally farmed or wild agave?

The seeds come from agave fields specially selected. The organic agave is cultivated in the agave zone of the region of Tequila (Amatitán). The cultivation is carried out without pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. Only organic fertilizers are used, requiring manual cleaning during the entire planting stage and until harvest.
Once it is garnered, the displacement of the agave is done in completely clean trucks, and if necessary the truck is completely sanitized depending on the previous load made. The agave is cultivated and the shoots are hand selected for planting and development with hard work until the agave matures. Then comes the time to make lab tests demonstrating that there are no pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
With non-organic Tequila, the agave is cultivated carrying out the cleaning with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers during all steps of its growth.

What was the objective in formulation of 4 Copas?

“The goal was to create a soft product, pleasant to the consumer’s palate. The product was designed to have great body, soft and balanced (not spicy) aroma; soft and pleasant to the palate (not to burn in the throat), with notes of cooked agave, vanilla and different types of caramel (white, rested, aged).”

“4 Copas is the first certified organic Tequila. That will always be a huge difference in its flavor, these products have fine character, but at the same time a classic taste.”

“What makes 4 Copas special is the love and passion with which the agave is produced.”