The first certified organic tequila, 4 Copas Tequila, is producing a limited edition sea turtle bottle in honor of the symposium and sea turtle conservation research...

The World's First Certified Organic Tequila
Consecutive gold, silver and bronze medal winners!

Organic Tequila for Sea Turtles

 4 Copas sponsors a symposium on preservation of sea turtles
       It is an honor for 4 Copas to have participated in this 28th Annual Sea Turtle Symposium. We were very pleased at the reception of the taste of our organic tequilas and our special edition Sea Turtle bottles as conference delegates from around the world are taking 4 Copas home as their treasures from beautiful Loreto, Baja California.


       The Sea Turtle community is like a family of dedicated, friendly and warm people with ethics and values that are aligned with the 4 Copas team. Understanding, loving and preserving Mother Nature while enjoying life to the fullest are our maxims!

       We were very pleased as well to be interviewed for 11th contributions and to get to know so many wonderful and talented people in attendance. Thank you to the Executive of the Sea Turtle Symposium for allowing us to contribute to such a fulfilling event.

Proceeds for the sale of the turtle bottles will be donated to

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Thank you Sea Turtle Protectors!


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For the Turtle Lovers that did not make it to the conference and for all others interested in the Limited Edition bottle, we are creating more!

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organic tequila for the environment. the best alcohol in the tequila that saves the nature. the greatest alcohol ever.