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Consecutive gold, silver and bronze medal winners!

4 Copas Past Events

4 Copas participates in in a variety of events. These are a few:

4 Copas Hits the North Shore with Team 4 Copas

4 Copas Organic Tequilas are proud to sponsor the Pipeline Posse.  Its all about respect on the North Shore.  Respect for the ocean, and those who play in it.  When there are thousands of gallons of water behind you, and a reef 3 feet below, respect is an understatement.  4 Copas respect for the environment and the Pipeline Posse go hand in hand.  The take off zone at 4 Copas begins in the shaker, and ends on the rocks.  We are pleased to have the Sherriff himself Brado and Sion with us.  Both incredible human beings.  Look for more Events on the North Shore at the House.

Sion Takes off Tow In

Take off at the pipe

January Pipe

El Cholo Tasting

Pasadena, CA October 25 2007

The tasting was associated with the El Cholo Restaurant


4 Copas Organic Dinner Tasting


The Broder Grill

Santa Monica, CA October 23, 2007

The organic menu was created around the 4 Copas cocktail and was created by Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Miliken, The Two Hot Tamales.

The Manhatten Beach Open 6 man Tournement Pre Party

The Shores

Manhatten Beach, CA August 2, 2007

The Manhatten Beach Open 6 Man Tournement

Manhatten Beach, CA August 3 and 4 2007

Team 4 Copas AKA. the USA Olympic Volleyball Team



It was a little crowded

How about that visor.


The Balboa Bay Club Cigar Bash


The Balboa Bay Club

Newport Beach, CA August 3, 2007




The Spirits Of Mexico Festival and Competition

San Diego, CA August 9, 2007

Pouring for the Crowd

We were very popular



Playboy Charity For The Kids

The Playboy Mansion and Lux Hotel

Los Angeles, CA June 30, 2007

Bunny's love 4 Copas




The bottle relaxing in the Infamous Playboy Grotto

Miss March 2001 Miriam Gonzalez



Playboy Golf Charity Trump International


Rancho Palos Verde, CA June 6, 2007


Santa Monica Pier Charity

Santa Monica, CA June 2, 2007

Michael Clark Duncan Birthday Party

Encino, CA March 9, 2007

Michael Clark Duncan with his 4 Copas gift basket


Michael Clark Duncan after a taste from the 4 Copas gift basket


Playboy Golf Charity Finals

The Playboy Mansion and Lost Canyons Golf Course

Simi Valley and Los Angeles, CA March 28-31

4 Copas drives Playboy Team Canada wild



Kendra arrives at the course


Kendra loves the 4 Copas


What can be said



It is good to be a 4 Copas bottle