Organic News

The Ode magazine has a great article talking about the "organic conscience" of 4 Copas. Here is an excerpt:
" . . . I like working in an organic field. I used to work with strong pesticides, but now I feel better. . ."
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4 Copas is on the Food & Wine magazine's "15 Easy Ways to Live Better" checklist. Here is a quote:
" . . . 4 Copas Tequila Made in four styles (blanco, reposado, anejo and extra-anejo), this line of carefully crafted, certified-organic tequilas is bottled in handblown glass from local Jalisco artisans . . ."
See the whole list here.

The World's First Certified Organic Tequila
Consecutive gold, silver and bronze medal winners!

Why Organic

La Quemada, a "Green" Distillery

Thank you for visting our website, and for your interest in our product, and our way of doing things. For us it is special and we hope that you will taste it when you buy a bottle.

Enjoy the purity on your palate that organically certified agave plants bring, crafted with loving care by dignified hands gracing 3 generations of family and community traditions.

A communal passion for excellence, balancing a respect for ancestral values and dedication to scientific research and development, makes this your tequila of choice for taste, and it is the world's only certified organic tequila.

 Why organic? We are doing our part to improve the well being of the earth, the farmers and those who love our tequila: 4 Copas uses only organic nutrition on its certified organic plants and no chemicals in the process of making this incredible tequila.

This art is our reverence to the soil, our community vocation, and what many connoisseurs and chefs consider the world's best tequila - a pure and honest drink that is meant to be savored amongst friends and family. Native Mexicans' sacred appreciation of the provider Goddess Mayagüel, we renew this respect by healing the soil. Tireless passion for the perfect distillation and intense practice of the cultural symbol of Mexico, Charreria (or the rodeo) at the distillery bring tradition full circle into the hand crafter bottle.

Let us drink together for it is said that if one shares 4 Copas (4 Cups) with friends, they will be friends for life.

Enjoy it's taste today, feel it's purity tomorrow morning. Salud, to your health!