The World's First Certified Organic Tequila
Consecutive gold, silver and bronze medal winners!

Organic Agave Nectar

World's Best Raw Organic Agave Nectar

       The taste of 4 Copas nectar is second to none. Chefs & sommeliers around the world are heralding its exquisite flavors, and texture.
       4 Copas agave nectar is made with 100% organic blue agave top quality plants, aged to perfection, employing first rate farming & harvesting methods including testing the plants in the fields for the ideal sugar levels before they are about to flower and die, employing all natural processes.

       4 Copas agave nectar is certified organic and Kosher. The process of manufacturing the agave nectar is unique and proprietary, and has a patent pending.

       The chemical compositions of 4 Copas nectar is far superior in quality compared to the competition, especially in light of the lack of legal norms in place. By eliminating chemical compounds that are difficult for the body to break down, the 4 Copas nectar becomes more sweet to the taste but also more healthy.

       4 Copas agave nectar is raw, organic, and diabetic friendly. It is very low on the glycemic index, and it is clear. It has been tested by a major university in California for nutritional analysis, and clinical studies continue on its diabetic friendly qualities.