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La Quemada

Genesis of a Tequila Venture

In 1996, the vision of four men, united by the love and the appreciation for the land of Jalisco, gave life to the Compañía Tequilera La Quemada. El Arenal, Jalisco, witnessed the birth of a modern and dynamic business, being at the same time heir to a long history and a subject of pride for all of us who were born in that generous land. In fact, our story dates back three generations, decades before the formal creation of La Quemada, when we began to grow Blue Agave—the essence of genuine, authentic tequila.

Jalisco is a land renowned for its traditions, including the production of handicrafts. The beautiful crafts produced from hand-blown glass, typical of Zapopan, is the pride of all Mexicans. At La Quemada, we work in unison with the glass-blowing workshops that craft the special bottles for our tequila. Accordingly, we strive to support the craftspeople of Jalisco and contribute to the preservation of an old and beautiful tradition.

While our prime objective is to produce the best tequila in the world, we also strive to create worthy jobs for El Arenal’s inhabitants. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the development of the region that has provided us with so much.